That is the problem using data from the "old theory" method used by Altman-Henn and by Henry, by its very nature it leaves out adjacency effects and is biased in favour of solvent developers.
Henry himself recognised this so here are a couple of quotes from his book:
p214:"Since it is admitted that the sense of sharpness depends not only on acutance but also on adjacency effects, either the formula for acutance should be changed somehow or other to include edge effects, or a new term should be introduced to include both"
This was never done so the old data remains misleading.
p228:..X " states that an "acutance developer" cannot contain much sodium sulfite or other silver solvent. This is not true if we use acutance measurements as defined today (1986) as the criterion but may well be true if, as we said before,the adjacency effects are somehow included in the objective measurements of acutance"
Using the 1986 conclusions is misleading.