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glad u got your rollei back -- that's the biggie, and you are doing the right thing to reimburse the guy his $20 -- what the heck, small price to pay. Karma will smile on you.

to those saying he should be brought up on charges of receiving, or should have smelled something -- ease up -- if I found a rollei for $20 at a yard sale I'd probably plunk down the double sawbuck too -- it's an instinctive thing.
Just to clarify I said receiving the Rollei for $20 was a bit suspicious. A bit suspicious is a long way from "should be brought up on charges." I am just talking about my statements here not other people's. And stumbling across a Rollei for $20 at a grage sale is different than being a known trafficker in vintage goods and having someone walk through your door with a sack full of cameras and offer you a Rollei for $20. This guy does seem to sell a hodgepodge of stuff but a quick search of ebay does not reveal any working Rolleis selling for $20.

I think paying the guy was a good idea just to get the camera back. Why haggle over $20? The cops drag their feet on stuff like this and I would do anything reasonable to get the camera back. I wouldn't pay the $20 as good will. I would do it to get the camera before it is sold to someone else or the seller disappears. Really the cops should have showed up at the sellers place in 24-48hrs and started getting to the bottom of things. This case was handed to them on a silver platter.