" I said I hoped I wasn't imposing, and she assured me that she never tired of seeing the prints herself. While she was getting them out, I surveyed the big, loftlike room. There were no prints on the walls and there was very little furniture--a low bed in one corner, a tall desk in another, a couch against the long side wall, and some scattered wooden chairs. We lamented the demise of the tourist trade as I wandered over to the front window and looked down on Ocean Avenue; Carmel's main street was empty and silent.
Sonya set a stack of mounted 8 X 10-inch prints on a wooden stand and rolled a tall painter's easel around to face the light from the high north windows, talking as she worked. As I saw more of her, I realized that our styles were similar, which helped me feel at ease--straight hair, no makeup or nail polish, unshaved bare legs, and flat comfortable shoes, a simple sweater and skirt. It was partly lack of business, she said, that had sent Edward off to Los Angeles, where he had numerous contacts and might sell some prints or land a sitting. There had also been an offer to take pictures for the Public Works of Art Project, whose Southern California director was Edward's friend Merle Armitage. Edward would have waited to go until after Sunday, Sonya said, but a ride was available, and since he didn't drive he had to take advantage of it."

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alluded to by others... if you read the whole story the graflex slr is mentioned further on.

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