Thanks for the tips Neal.

I had this idea at work and quickly whipped it up. I work for a machine design and manufacturing company, so I nabbed some industrial Polycarbonate plastic thats used for guarding, ripped it in 2" widths and cut them to length using this website

Three lengths werse three lengths of e created: 12,24 and 35 frames. My print file sleeves hold up to 35 negs. So, what my grand Idea is with thopolycarb, ill clip one end of the bulk film flush to the end, run it the length of polycarb and cut it to length, then assemble the canister. The bathroom at home has 2 doors being perpendicular to each other, and no windows, its light tight so there is ample room for a 63" plastic stick. The reason for this idea it that its quick, simple and there can be no mechanical failures. The only mechanical items being used would be a binder clip and scissors. The other benefit is knowing the EXACT length of film It'll be simple to keep track of how much is left. Any thoughts on this method?