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.....I'm downsizing my MF collection, and I'm just not using these excellent TLRs enough to justify keeping them. I'll surely regret selling, but they should be used, not sitting on a shelf. Both have seen recent CLA'

-Black Autocord $200: CLA'ed by Karl Bryan a little over a year ago. Have run maybe 10 rolls through it since. Functionally excellent but with a few cosmetic dings. Strap not included. CLA included the following:

From Karl Bryan:
checked flash
checked film wind
checked frame counter
checked double exposure interlocks
checked shutter, appears to have been recently CLA'd, repaired bent parts in slow speed escapement $40
tightened pressure plate hold down screws
cleaned outer surfaces of lenses
checked and reset focus on taking lens, a very sharp lens and quite clean
checked and adjusted viewing lens infinity setting
cleaned WLF magnifier, Fresnel lens and mirror
cleaned plastic lens for viewing aperture/shutter settings $5
cleaned/straightened aperture/shutter assembly control panel $15
removed old grease and relubed focus helix $60
Karl Bryan serviced my Autocord about a year ago. $200.00 for a camera that he worked his magic on is a great deal. Someone really needs to buy this camera.