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...I use Kodak's recommendations of having my water for the D76 between 120 and 130 degrees F. Just heat the water on the stove in a cook pot, quickly pour it in the plastic bucket, pour the D76 from the package in stages while stirring it w/ the spoon.
I get my distilled water from the grocery store in plastic gallon jugs. I used to heat it on the stove until I found a better way.

Fill a five gallon bucket with the hottest water you can get from your tap. Submerge the gallon jug in the hot water.
Cold water sinks. Warm water rises. When you put the jug of cold water into the bucket of hot water, it will sink to the bottom. As it comes to the same temperature of the same water it will become neutrally buoyant.

So, just drop the sealed jug into the bucket of hot water and wait until it floats.
Shaking the jug of water every few minutes speeds the process up.

BTW: The hot water temperature at my house is set at 130F. (55C.) I don't have kids, elderly or anybody else in my house who doesn't know how to check the temperature before jumping in the bath or shower. I can keep the water temperature set where I want it.
If your water heater isn't set high enough to do the job, just use a teapot to boil some water and supplement until you get your water bath hot enough.