The Swiss company's website is

There is a lot of interesting information on there (in English) - they seem to make a lot of products including Ilfocolor micrographic film and various papers both inkjet and RA4 type. The latter and the film seem to be aimed at specialised business customers. There is also a history of the company and an explanation of how the Swiss company and Harman went in different directions some years back. Harman have a licence to use the Ilford trade mark for black & white photographic products. Thus any inkjet paper branded Ilford these days emanates from the Swiss company.

The website says the holding company of the Swiss concern is Ilford Group AG. As recently as April of this year they acquired a German company called TECCO GmbH to (quote) "realise its strategic intent of offering leading-edge products, a broad, flexible portfolio and a customer focussed service". So the present situation seems rather strange. Let's hope the Swiss Ilford business can be saved in some form or other.