There has been some discussions around the web on these quite surprising news: apparently Ferrania is going to start manufacturing film for still photography and motion picture use 2014.
Wikipedia states:

The production of film was acquired in 2013 by the new company FILM Ferrania s.r.l. which took over some of Ferrania's manufacturing equipment and buildings. Former Ferrania technicians are involved too. FILM Ferrania inherits the historic brand Ferrania to launch analog products suitable for the actual needs of cine/photo market. Ferrania's film production is going to start again in early 2014.
On flickr, one member stated that he had contacted Ferrania Technologies and asked about this, and according to him, they had confirmed that a new company really is about to start production again:

The owner of the domain is the same person who has updated the Wikipedia article. Whether he is the one behind this new company or is just connected somehow remains to be seen.

Anyway, interesting news!