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I've had this happen when I wasn't even taking pictures. Only just had the camera while sitting on a bench.
I was walking all day and stopped to rest. The camera shutter was locked and the lens cap was on.
There are just people who are THAT stupid.

Blow it off. Screw them. Move on. Life's too short.

In the future, you might find it helpful to talk to people.
Engage your people when practical and possible. Just talk to people about the weather or sports or what-have-you when you're not shooting.

Lone guys who sit on park benches are creepy. Guys who talk to people, who people see you talking to others, are social.

If you don't want to do that, bring a book and read it. Actually read it where people can see you reading it.

Bill Cunningham made (makes) his living shooting photos of strangers on the streets of New York.

Some people would definitely perceive him as a creepy, old man shooting pictures of strangers but I don't know very many incidents where he had problems. I say it's because he engages his subjects and talks to people. People actually come up to him and ask to have their pictures taken.

Bill rides up and down the streets on his broken down, old bike wearing shabby clothes. He just hops off the bike and starts shooting people's pictures.
But, instead of being accused of being a creeper, people invite him to their society parties and give him journalism awards.

Watch the trailer. The guy is amazing!

It's all about the way you act in public.
YES! It was a very good DVD, got it from my library