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That was the point - I wanted to push people's comfort zones, make them get out and try something new and different that they may not have ever tried before. I'm more than happy to have a discussion in this thread on HOW to do this if folks want advice or need help. Color actually makes night easier, because color (neg films, anyway) requires less reciprocity compensation. From a meter-indicated 1 second to a meter indicated 30 seconds, add one stop. Longer than 30, add two. Get out there and shoot!

The other option for the thread would have been the other specialty I'm known for, male nudes. But I figured I would have gotten two or three entries, and probably from just one to two people. Especially since it would be asking folks to shoot new images for the assignment. It's tough to coordinate a shoot like that.
Plus there was enough issue with MY MSA and that was just ANY kind of nude .. hahaha which became "skin" because of all the fuss... I also asked for B&W only and everyone made a hissy fit about that too ... hence my (sarcastic) comment about how we should shoot B&W also...

Anyway, maybe I'll post a male nude night time long exposure... that should get me some points... haha