Cheers Guys,

Your comments are very comforting and I feel it's like having a group of mates rallying round.

I don't tend to photograph children as a rule if I can help it. With this situation, I thought it would be a really COOOOL shot. What probably made it worse was that I didn't get it in 'the bag'.

I suppose my biggest failing is that I tend to see the best in people (until they show otherwise) probably because a few of those close to me in my formative years were anything but 'the best'.

I saw a kid leaping (and annoying others), Vicki 'Daily Mirror' Pollard saw a paedo'.

You're right though, I must put it down to experience. So tomorrow, instead of processing film (no salt ), I'm gonna jump on the train to Lancaster and put the gremlins to bed.

Thanks for the link. That DVD looks really good.