Your information has informed me and filled some gaps that had existed in my understanding about exposure on Azo. Among those has been the matter of enlarging smaller format negatives on Azo. I know that Durst Pro USA has come out with a light source for that purpose. Michael Smith has indicated, furthermore, an individual is developing a light source for enlarging on Azo.

My thoughts have been that if Azo responds only to UV (my misunderstanding) and considering the length of time that exposures take that it would take incredible wattages to accomplish this considering the restriction of the enlarging lens aperture and the diminishment of light intensity by the distance removed from the easel.

Now I can see that considering the fact that Azo is very responsive to UVA (as indicated by your information of unmanageable short exposures in UV exposure units) that it would take a much smaller wattage device then what I had first thought. Once again, thank you for informing me.

Best regards,
Donald Miller