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I think that level of sodium tiosulfate in your 1st dev is very low. Typically value must be 3-8g/l. More preferred use potassium thiocyanate in concentration 2g/l. Without correct amount of halide solvent such as tiosulfate/thiocyanate you always have dark highlight.
good starting point is here
This isn't true, one can get perfectly nice and bright bw slides without using silver halide solvent. It's my experience with Tri-X super 8. However, some films require some silver halide solvent, in my case it is the Fomapan R. It really depends on the film (how it is rich in silver, for example), and on the water you use (if tap water, then it is different everywhere ).
I use around 5g/L of KSCN, but that means nothing : you have to find out your own amount to add to make it work. Don't add too much otherwise you will lose density. Experiment.