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Uuhhh... Where did you get the idea that there are profitable businesses selling APX film in this fashion?! If Macodirect is demanding at least a $39.50 order I would be shocked if people where profitably filling out customs forms for a couple of rolls of film.
Apparently there is profitable business in making precise electronic scales, packing them, filling out customs forms, bringing them to Europe and sending them all the way to my home, altogether for 7 Euros. It may be hard to comprehend for many here but these 40 Euros minimum order is more than a week's salary in many parts of this world.

As far as Umut's immediate issue is concerned, I have no immediate answer for him. Ideally he teams together with a few other film users from Istanbul or Turkey and places a bulk order, or he finds someone to bring that film with him to Turkey and mail it from there.