Just a little up to date comment on this film.

AgfaPhoto CT Precisa 100 135-36 Slide Film. (The edge of this film is marked Fuji RVP 100,which is Fuji Velvia,as far as I know)

I have just run a trial of this film. Using a Nikon F4 with 50mm f1.8 Nikkor lens.I used the cameras "Auto" setting. It performed well,and gave 38 pretty good and sharp exposures,which I digitized on a Minolta ScanDual 3 dedicated 35mm strip scanner. No film in my humble opinion will ever compare to the original Agfacolor CT18 for colour fidelity,and I`ve yet to try "proper" Fuji Velvia 100 - but will say,that I doubt anyone will be really disappointed in using this current Agfa film. However,colour appreciation,can be very subjective!

It is currently shown on Amazon UK from 7($11) upwards,which could be a saving on regular Fuji Velvia.