I'll allow anything after July 1. Close enough for horseshoes, hand grenades and thermonuclear weapons.

I like this challenge. I suppose anyone can join in?
I still have a roll of (very old) Fuji Provia 1600 (@800 ASA) loaded in my Nikon F90x with some frames left.
I'll bite and use the rest of the frames on this theme (never done this).
The film will be cross processed in C41 in a local lab later.
I'll be back (before August, 31st)

BTW: should I worry about reciprocity compensation with this film? Anyone?

BTW2: since I will be out there at night, I'll also make some pinhole shots with my converted Gevabox camera
loaded with Konica PRO400 roll film. Should be fun.
Yes, absolutely anyone and everyone are welcome to join. The more the merrier.

With regards to the film question, especially since you'll be cross-processing it, I would give reciprocity compensation. I don't know what the reciprocity factor is for that film, you'll have to look it up and see what they say. The really high speed films need more reciprocity comp than slow films do, usually. Once you get into hour-plus long exposures, the slow films can actually be faster than fast films because of reciprocity comp.

Anyway, maybe I'll post a male nude night time long exposure... that should get me some points... haha
Go for it. No problems or complaints here if you want to post something really off-the-wall. Go ahead and do light painting while you're at it! I want people to get CREATIVE!