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I don't see that as a failing. I think it's much better than thinking the worst of people until they prove themselves to be worthy.

Quite agree, though I was feeling a little sorry for myself at that point.

It's a sad fact that the more time I choose to spend in 'the city', the more I'm realising what a different world it is to the relative tranquility of the countryside.

People's attitudes (to a large degree) towards each other are different. I walk around feeling happy with my lot and probably show it in my expression. Others look (to me anyway) as though they're about to be attacked around the next corner.

A simple cheery nod from me to anyone passing by, is met with a fearful look in the other direction.

I was going to ask a passerby in Blackburn this morning if he knew where there was a McDonalds. Before I could speak, he just blurted, "not interested, I don't believe in God." Later I realised that with my cheerful disposition and the black messenger style camera bag, I probably looked like a Jehovah Witness.

Sad times and shame on others for loosing empathy with their surroundings.

I'll get of my soapbox now.