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I don't see how that compares to taking pictures in a public place.
Well it's not merely "taking pictures in a public place." It is taking pictures of someone else's children without permission or even introducing yourself. There are some people that would consider both scenarios rude.

In the United States we have a constitution. And the first amendment of that constitution guarantees freedom of speech. It is almost like a religious text. But for most of us regardless of what freedoms that passage says it protects we go most of our lives without invoking it's protection. Why? Because regardless of what some piece of legal paper in Washington DC says we are more constrained by societal norms. It's ironic. People complaining about the break down of society because they can't just stalk and shoot other people's children without so much as a "hello" or introduction. Quoting your legal rights to someone is not how I see things getting done on the street in small towns. That to me seems a very urban attitude.