Just adding on to this post as I finally shot a roll thru my converted Autographic Junior. It was a long road to conversion and then the weather went south and seemed like it rained constantly. I realized mid-roll that I screwed up when winding on "duh", forgetting that there was a numbers sequence, but I got a couple good ones that I'm going to scan for now and post in my Flickr account. I'll contact print them this week. The lens is a menicus, so I'm wondering how quality will be.

The one thing about the conversion is that the film plane shifted back.025+ because of the new rails for the smaller film. I luckily had a medium format GG laying around and was able to remark the infinity mark on the cover bed scale. The problem is shooting closer for DOF. I'll have to print out and carry a DOF chart for the 135mm lens and then probably make a whole new distance scale.

The picture attached shows on the far left the new location of the window for frame numbers. There was a brass insert under the "Autographic" area of the cover that had to be removed since it protruded to far into the body especially as concerns the pressure plate. I made a wood insert out of maple and cut a channel in it because the cover has a round protrusion down the center. I found that if I sanded the bottom of the insert I could vary the pressure on the film winding till it was just right.
The middle shows a floating pressure plate .010 that I made for it. It works perfect and doesn't move on film wind. On the right you see the rails I made out of .025 brass. It was the thinnest and stiffest I could use. I had to adhere the brass first and then paint the back side inside the bellows that showed. That was a pita. My top mounted finder is off an old 616 Monitor camera. It barely shows in the photo.

Overall it was a fun project. I caution anyone following in my footsteps not to use the crappy Rustoleum flat paint from the home remodeling stores as it was just not smooth enough. I had to sand it with 600 wet dry and then had to re-spray it and sand again. I wonder if a spray can of hobby paint would have been better. The paint looks lousy but it's smooth at least.