I have to be honest here for a second.
You can't get over the fact (hallucination?) that you got "trolled". The trolling in question was me correcting you from spreading blatant misinformation. You we're actually recomending a very bad technique (stand development) as a magical measure to drastically reduce grain while, in truth, it is comon knowledge that agitation has no effect on grain. Never.
As far as I'm concerned, the trolling was more about you spreading misinformaion then me correcting you.

You now have a darkroom. That's good. That's a nice first step. Now may I suggest that you go out shooting more serious subjects. Ansel Adams didn't get famous and respected by shooting and showing off pics of junk food restaurant interiors and people strobed in their face. That's if you want to be more technical and to sound more knowledgeable when you give advice.

The second step is to start using proper FB paper.