Welcome back, Frank. Your "Crooked Shack" reminds me of the many large mouth bass fishing trips to Ontario province with my Dad to Lakes Opinicon and Mississagagon, back when I was a young whippersnapper. Caught my biggest one ever there (6 lb.) around midnight when a cloud passed in front of the full moon and caused total darkness briefly. Sounded like the bottom of the lake came up and hit my Jitterbug lure (a surface plug that gurgled as it was reeled in). Yeah, those were the days' I miss them bigtime. He always was for saving money and opted for cheap cabins, the cheapest of which meant we had to empty the "honey bucket" before leaving by putting a pole through the bucket handle and - with one of us on each end of the pole - carry it to its destination. Rarely had an indoor toilet in the cabins. Thanks for posting the Crooked Shack.