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Well, as a street photog in the style of Bresson we don't ask - we shoot. Sure, sometimes we all ask for a shot. But if we can, the dedicated ones try to work candid.
That is your choice. I wasn't trying to command anyone to shoot in any particular way. What I was commenting on is if you want to stalk and photograph a stranger's children without so much as a hello or introduction you have to expect that eventually you will run into someone who objects. And given enough time you will come across someone who objects in an inappropriate way. It is just hyperbolic to claim such a situation is illustrative of some kind of downward spiral of urban society and that it makes you physically ill. Play the game any way you want but when you throw snake eyes don't complain.

I shoot suriptiously sometimes. I don't do it with children. But I know if I am caught someone might object. That's just part of the game.