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I referred back to this thread last night when I was getting started with my new-to-me Beseler 23C II and got some very different results. I'm wondering what I might be doing wrong.

After doing a series of test strips with a single image, I got to where the correct exposure was 2s @ f11. The other prints I made last night were mostly 1-2s, some under 1s. I don't know if this enlarger uses an unusually bright bulb or what the deal is. Any suggestions as to what might be different with my setup that's not giving me 20-30s to work with? Is there an assumption of filters being used or something?
How big are your prints? My Beseler 23C III is bright. My 8x10 exposures with contrast filters are longer than that but they are still in the single digits. I was thinking of getting a neutral density filter.