You might want to try a Durst 120 tank with loader which is essential for it but both items should be sold together by a retailer or e-bayer. No point in keeping the loader without the tank or vice versa.

It is a plastic reel but the loader winds the film into the centre and under a sprung holder and then turning the reel winds the film from the centre towards the outer edges like a stainless steel reel. The film leader is automatically led to the sprung holder in the centre and you simply lift the holder with a finger or thumb and push the leader in. No further skill required

I do this in a darkroom and not a changing bag but the great thing about it is that sweaty slippery hands should not affect things i.e. it does not require manual dexterity and dry hands.

As an added bonus it uses only 450mls of liquid so probably the most economical tank for 120 there is and it has proved to be the most leak proof tank I have ever used.