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Makes sense to me. I am not a woman but I've dated plenty of attractive girls and you wouldn't believe the volume and nature of sexual advances they have to fend off constantly. I don't whistle at women or make cat calls but there are a lot of guys apparently that do and do much worse. Women particularly if they are semi attractive and or young live in a different world. I wouldn't be too quick to make fun of them when they obsess about "pervs."

Again, if you play the game don't come on the internet complaining about rolling snake eyes. And bringing it back to the OP and the "good ol' days" vs modern society I remeber a time when a gentleman would ask a lady before taking her picture.
Please, nobody take this the wrong way. It is just a simple observation of fact :-

Female (or male) attraction is just an inescapable part of our inner animal that we, by calling ourselves human, have attempted to sweep under the carpet.

No amount of etiquet or social conditioning will remove this basic drive that is in all of us.

Being attracted to a passing female/male is nothing more than being the male/female of our species.