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Please, nobody take this the wrong way. It is just a simple observation of fact :-

Female (or male) attraction is just an inescapable part of our inner animal that we, by calling ourselves human, have attempted to sweep under the carpet.

No amount of etiquet or social conditioning will remove this basic drive that is in all of us.

Being attracted to a passing female/male is nothing more than being the male/female of our species.
This is an unexpected response from someone who laments the decay of society allegedly caused by the "gutter media." There needs to be a certain level of personal responsibility and also a modicum of understanding for the ladies.

I feel bad about your experience. But you have to understand it is not all together unexpected nor is it something to get really upset over. Next time just ask or make sure they can't see you taking the picture. That's my advice anyway. Lighten up. It's not like you killed someone or someone charged you with a crime. I'm sure you will have many more years of fun street photography.