NOW we're presented with a new conundrum. The pigeon in that photo noted by Ming Rider above, happens to be a member of WPPPA. Yep, The World Professional Photographed Pigeons Association. A pigeon's union. If our urban-parked vehicles and black camera bags start looking like someone has been squeezing our fine feathered friends on them, we'll know why.

Frankly, I don't know where this might all stop. Pigeons have rights, next sea gulls, sea otters, the Marine Mammal Protection Act will be amended to include photographic licensing and individual releases for seals, sea lions, whales, otters. DOGS !!! A dog will be required to indicate consent through it's owner/agent before being photographed. I believe this may occur sooner than 20 years.

ASMP may soon be recruiting people who have "Whale-Speak" ability to negotiate with them for an exclusive right to photograph them. This is truly an outrage. And to think I used to be a member of ASMP., NPPA and SPCA. I fear the end is near but I pray I'm wrong.

I'm afraid we may be forced back into the dark ages to live again in our darkened studios beneath the focusing cloths, hiding in shame and humiliation with deep regret, never being able to take another photograph in a public place again. <sigh>

What's next? [That's a rhetorical question btw]