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I swear, there is something in the APUG water lately that is making people really grumpy. I would hate to imagine what a neophyte would think had they asked such an innocent question as to how to maximize results from a given film/developer combination. We are doing more harm than good for the film community by making personal attacks on someone who is not only curious enough to ask a question, but motivated to do some serious testing of a hyphothesis. It is far below us to cast personal aspersions on someone for simply having a different workflow than we ourselves are accustomed to using.

Many of the great European photographers made their names documenting life in sidewalk cafes and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, but it is below us to take a picture in an American fast food restaurant? Really? As for stand or semi-stand development, there are numerous threads here on APUG in which these processes are discussed in great detail, and with respect for the photographers using these processes. Why choose this discussion to denigrate someone for using the process?

Why is it necessary that the OP proves that his process is not digitally adulterated? Is his word not good enough for you?

The film photography community should be positive and supportive. This kind of personal attack is below us. Go take some pictures, for goodness sake, and don't come back until you feel you can be civil.


Thank you, Tom.