I only read the first two pages or so,

But there was a short period of time I worked for Cirque Du Soleil as one of those guys that snaps pictures of people who arrive and then someone tries to sell them the pictures later.

I did this for about 3 months.

One time, this lady had a kid, and you could tell he was hesitant about getting his picture taken, so I waited till he wasn't looking and snapped a shot, he then noticed and started crying, the lady started screaming at me "he doesn't like his picture taken and now he's crying your ruined our whole night blah blah blah..." Really reamed me out... The thing is, she saw me with the camera, knew I worked there (being in the outfit and having a giant name tag) and saw me watching to take the picture and never said anything till I had taken the shot.

People will always need an excuse to freak out and yell about something, you can't let it get to you.

It would be creepier if you had been shooting with your cell phone...

I'm kind of a pest though, if she had started yelling in my face I would have been like "oh wait hold on let me focus, I want to catch this real life moment of anger and craziness..." Ad started aiming my camera at her hahaha.

You have to keep a good sense of humor in these situations.

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