Thanks guys! I think I may have an interim solution (may still get a Samigon and a SS reel to try it out as well). I followed mwdake suggestion, but in doing so I realize that the ball bearings are the real issue (they are completely clean on all 3 reels I own) as they seem to stick especially when it gets a small amount of resistance - which causes kinks; so I use the paper trick mwdake mentioned, but then I also slightly pinch the film and instead of ratcheting the film on the reel, I keep pushing it all the way. Now I can get it loaded in less than a minute consistently and I was able to develop a few rolls in a 30 minute period (which was my goal). Thanks so much again everyone for the recommendation, and I am happy (misery loves company) that I am not the only one that had issues with these hateful things