I just re-watched this, and found that I still like her outlook and way of looking at things. I think our photography largely reflects who we are as people, at least if we are intuitive about it and go by our emotions and instincts when we do our work.
For me most scenes are completely transformed by light; for many years I've photographed either at night or in soft morning/evening light. Lately I've started liking direct sunlight a lot for certain things, and the stark contrast it can create. It makes a world of difference to look at the light, to study it, and to use it to our advantage. Seems important to me.

If we apply that to life in general as well, a metaphor like blansky names it, it could make for a more positive and rewarding way of leading our lives, to look for the good where we can.
Conversely, contrast is important, and in order to recognize something good, we have to know what 'bad' is too, but I think we automatically get so much of that anyway that we don't have to try to find it. The more we practice, the better we become at seeing the 'good', just as we get better at anything we practice a lot.