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I have just bought a Zuiko 24/3,5 shift lens adapted to Nikon mount that I intend to use on my Xpan with a Nikon-Xpan adapter since I don't have the funds for a 30mm. Maybe a stupid buy but it could be interesting.
Has anyone tried this? The image circle is supposed to be only 58mm from what I have been able to find (image circles for 35mm lenses are not easy to find) but I have no idea at what aperture this is. Most likely 58mm is the smallest circle at infinity but I have no idea at how this changes when stopped down.
Did I do something stupid?
In time I will know the answer but the lens will be some time before arriving so speculate is all that I can do for the moment.
With your adapter various Nikon lenses could be fitted to an XPAN - with more of less success. Perhaps the most commonly used lenses would be Nikon PC 28 and 35mm lenses. Typical problems, beyond the obvious one of non-rangefinder coupling, would be insufficient covering power or mechanical vignetting. The XPAN body has baffle plate just inside the mount, also the dedicated lenses all sit relatively close to the film (compared to a reflex camera). On my 'adapted' XPAN I have tried a Nikon 135mm f/3.5 which works very well, apart from mechanical vignetting reducing the frame width to 50mm or so. I also have a Russian made revolving turret viewfinder for focal lengths 28, 35, 50, 85 and 135mm to aid composition. I should imagine your 24mm shift would work well - but you may not get the full 65mm frame.