Shallow DOF (which you call Bokeh) is produced a few ways. DOF is controlled by the following: Film size, subject distance, focal length, and aperture. Of course with your camera, you can't change the film size. Ok, now you have the others to work with.
The longer the lens used (more telephoto), the shallower the DOF.
The larger the aperture used (smaller #), the shallower the DOF.
The closer the subject, the shallow the DOF.

Even if you get, lets say, a 50mm 1.8 lens and shoot at f8 or smaller, you won't get the shallow DOF you desire.

Now, if you want to shoot at f/1.8, remember that's going to allow a lot of light in so in bright sunlight you'll need a very fast shutter speed. This FM10's max shutter speed might not be fast enough to do this. You'll have to either use a Neutra Density (ND) filter or use a smaller aperture.