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Thanks guys! I think I may have an interim solution (may still get a Samigon and a SS reel to try it out as well). I followed mwdake suggestion, but in doing so I realize that the ball bearings are the real issue (they are completely clean on all 3 reels I own) as they seem to stick especially when it gets a small amount of resistance - which causes kinks; so I use the paper trick mwdake mentioned, but then I also slightly pinch the film and instead of ratcheting the film on the reel, I keep pushing it all the way. Now I can get it loaded in less than a minute consistently and I was able to develop a few rolls in a 30 minute period (which was my goal). Thanks so much again everyone for the recommendation, and I am happy (misery loves company) that I am not the only one that had issues with these hateful things
I suspect once you use the samigon reels you'll never look back

SS reels are a problem because you run the risk of skipping tracks and film touching itself causing it not to develop the touching area. The only SS I use is for 70mm at 15 feet, but that's really the only solution I've found so that's why I use SS for 70mm.

The self loading reels wil ALWAYS have a little issue with the Ball bearings, because its plastic on metal, I've noticed if I just do a little pushing on (you can do this with the samigon, not sure you can with Paterson/Jobo) the tongue enough that the ball bearing comes loose and rattles then release the pressure and just doing that seems to make sure that the film doesn't stick. Also remember to keep one side upright so the tongue is almost at the top, and only rotate the other side. (For me I load with the film facing me, so I turn the right side and keep the left side still).

Also don't be in a rush to "finish in a minute" treat the film like a lady, give her the time she needs to get loaded properly without any damage haha

Good luck!

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