For those folk interested in such matters, here are some pics:-

Foma Equicolor Premium 400 pic 1.jpg

Foma Equicolor Premium 400 pic 2.jpg

Foma Equicolor Premium 400 pic 3.jpg

I would now agree that this film was almost certainly made by Ferrania, probably loaded into cassettes in their factory but put in a box by Foma (the box is slightly smaller than a Ferrania box). The tubs and the cassettes seem the same (I compared with a Ferrania Solaris 400 cassette with a 04/2012 expiry), the look & colours of the leaders are identical and both, for what it is worth, have the number 013994 below the barcode (identical on both brands) on the cassette. Possibly Fuji were at one time the supplier which is why the few references on the web claim this.