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That was the point Ian, but for those that followed the whole thread the OP determined that the salt w and w/o had no impact on grain, however, it was noticed that a stand 1:100+salt yielded (on a scan) an nice looking image.....

However it was also noted (and validated by my own test) that there is uneven development in the stand 1:100+salt technique

So we sit here today, wondering if any of the 'stand' folks can overcome the streaking (or over dev on the right side as noted by - I forget).

This is not a dead thread but a challenge at this point, if someone can overcome the 1:100+salt-streak-paradox we might have the Ming-Rider-Rodinal-semi-stand-salt-technique

That's the deal here.

We have streaking on negs as shown by the OP and me

If someone can solve for that, then we might have an alternative dev tech that someone might add to his/her bag'a tricks

I can't stand that there is a contingent of folks that want this line of thought to fail. I want the OP to succeed (regardless if I am not a stand type of guy)...
Well, if one wanted to do this experiment properly, it would first be important to determine whether or not the stand development procedure yielded tonality, speed and image structure characteristics that could not be duplicated otherwise with a less extreme procedure. A characteristic curve would be helpful. If we can't get that, at the very least we need carefully controlled test images and printed grey scales as a way to evaluate film speed and contrast index so that apples can be compared with apples.

Once a controlled set of results for the stand procedure are available, the issue of streaking/even development can be addressed. With Rodinal and HP5, I suspect a less extreme procedure (for example agitation every three minutes with a possible change in dilution) would accomplish the same thing. The problem remains that we have no real information regarding OPs stand results (besides streaking). Coming to meaningful conclusions is impossible under those circumstances. So all you have is flame war bait.

Incidentally this is a problem with most "test" threads. Any sort of scientific method is ignored, and we're supposed draw conclusions based on nothing but screen resolution scans and feelings. No wonder they all end in heated debates.