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For those with streaks, how much working solution did you have, vs. how many spools of film were in the tank?

I'll stand one or two rolls in 1L of working solution, and swirl for initial and midway agitation, and my Tri-X doesn't seem to suffer streaks.
Various levels of working solution, based on a minimum of 3ml concentrate per roll of film (Rodinal). Sometimes I used 5ml per film, and sometimes 6ml. I got uneven development from all types of films, mainly FP4+ and Kodak Tri-X, but also Fuji Neopan 400 and Efke films. There was no pattern to why some rolls came out uneven and others did not. I should add that much of the subject matter I photograph has even tonality, or slowly shifting tonality, like sky, a calm water surface, a wall that is uniform in texture, etc - subject matter where those types of things would reveal themselves very readily.
If I photographed in the woods, where lots of abrupt changes in tonality take place, with tree trunks, leaves, tree branches, etc, make it almost impossible to distinguish slightly uneven tonality.

That's my experience. Some rolls were perfect. Others were not. I'd say maybe a 70% good / 30% bad ratio.