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Kudos to those who can load in a changing bag! I reserve mine for emergencies, using instead a bathroom at night. A towel at the bottom of the door and strict injunctions about household members turning on lights does the job. I've found that if after 5 or 10 minutes I can't see my hand its dark enough. A few tiny pinpricks of light don't seem to matter, I position my body between them and the light. The film, reels, tank, lid, etc. go in an 11x14 developing tray. You don't want to search for the tank lid on the floor in the dark!

I use Paterson for 120 after a horrid experience trying SS. I might try again using some of the tricks above.

For whatever reason my mojo for SS reel loading seems to have fled. Years ago they were all I used for 35mm, even Ektachromes from a European trip. Now I can't seem to load them, even the exact same reels I used back in the day. Go figure! Paterson reels work fine for me, I do run them through the dishwasher periodically, top rack.
Ahh 10 minutes! That's a long time to wait, I don't mind the changing bag, then again it's all I've ever used...

I CAN use the Paterson reels, I use only Paterson tanks and have a 2,3, and 5 reel tank so I have a lot of unused reels, I keep them as filler (so the reels don't slide if I only do one roll in a 2 reel tank for example) and I accidentally threw one in the changing bag and had already unrolled the film when I realized the error, I was like NOOOOOO!!!! But with some struggling I managed to get the film in, but it was certainly MUCH more difficult than with the samigon. I don't know why the other companies don't use that type of feeder, it's awesome!

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