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Well to give one quick example, were all the test films developed to the same contrast?

Again, I'm not saying great work can't be done with stand-developed negatives. Of course it can.

All I'm suggesting is, if you were a Rodinal user and were considering using stand development, and you came across this thread, wouldn't you want to know what kind of tonality to expect? What kind of film speed to expect? What kind of local contrast compression (if any) there is? Etc.? Wouldn't you want to know how adding Sodium Chloride changed things vs straight Rodinal?
Michael is absolutely correct, especially if there is a need to quantify the findings. Developing the negatives to the same contrast is very important if you want a comparison that actually tells you exactly what differences you can expect to find. Unless you do this, it isn't a true comparison of what truly happens with the negative. It just isn't. There are too many other variables to draw any conclusions and with certainty claim a specific result.

And Andy is correct too, because there are a lot of photographers who don't want to quantify their findings, they just want to try things, a little bit flying by the seat of their pants (like me), because they just care about the print, and the numbers don't matter.

Can't we have both in the same thread?