I thought his 4 tests attempted to show the impact....maybe not to your liking (densimeter, step wedges, etc)

I am a Rodinal user, if I wanted to do stand, I wouldn't expect such a formal approach to a out side of the box approach to dev.

Everyone knows that stand dev is not recommended by the manufactures of the film and chems. No one expects a formal curve log or whatnot

Use it, if you like it and losing a roll or two is ok, give it a go....

I personally don't like it but I will not presume anyone who uses it and doesn't have "the notes I require" to be not able to talk about its virtues

See what I think happens here is some like stand others want scientific predictable outcomes

Thomas, one of Apug's greats got to 70% predictability of results, if that was good/not enough for him is his deal.....it's not your deal to say you expect 100% probability and therefore stand is not a good option....