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Yes, so long as folks are constructive. If a person requesting a more scientific model wants that, then he/she needs to propose how that could be done. Not, the results are junk because I didn't do the test. We need folks saying stuff like "send me the negs, I'll plot them..." Not ".....shesh you don't have a densimeter, these negs are not possible to eval..."

More constructive-group-think-community. Not no, it can't be done because you did it wrong....
Who said it can't be done?

OP wanted to experiment. All I'm saying is some more work is required if anyone wants to draw meaningful conclusions.

For example, what if in this particular case some type of reduced agitation scheme (rather than stand) gave the same results, without the risks of streaking? What kind of characteristic curve does HP5 actually produce when stand developed in Rodinal? Does anyone even know? Or do they just assume? Etc.

Apologies if I've offended anyone. As I said earlier, "Stand", "Rodinal", "Pyro" and "Amidol" are four very precarious words.