So, at this point, the case alone is $60 + S/H. However, since I can't remember the last time I used it, I'll add my Busch Pressman Model D 4" x 5", plus three (3) cut film holders, to the deal! The camera is in VF-EF condition, and includes the flash delay plunger (can't recall the proper name at the moment) on the shutter.

I'll post some pix and info about the lens ASAP. Shutter is a bit sticky from lack of use, but a little exercise and body heat should bring it to life, or choose your own shutter/lens combo. The rangefinder is in good working condition, and appears fairly accurate (close to the indicated distances on the camera body).

So, now, asking price for the kit - camera, 3 film holders and vintage carry case - is $250 + S/H, which is what some folks on eBay are asking for the Model C camera alone!

Look for pix Tuesday afternoon!