+1 to those Paterson-like (Samigon or whatever) plastic reels mentioned above. I got mine in a kit (2 reels + tank) from Freestyle a few years ago. They've worked brilliantly for 120. I think Freestyle described them as admittedly Paterson knock-offs; I wondered what I was getting into by being a cheapskate. So it's fun to read now that I'm not the only one finding them better than the Paterson originals!

Tip: I've found if developing two rolls of 120 (needing same developing process, obviously), taping the two together does not work well, and applying tape is needlessly difficult. I load one roll entirely and ensure its trailing end is free of the ball-bearings. Then I simply push it (via a fingertip pushing the trailing edge) all the way in to the center of the roll. Then load the second roll as normal.

My only trouble with these plastic reels has been not with 120 but with super-curly 35mm films (Efke mostly; peace be upon them) or similarly with usually compliant 35mm films (e.g., most Ilford ones) if they've been tightly wound backwards about a camera's take-up spool for months because I took forever finishing a roll.

I should say my entire experience is with loading in a darkened closet at night. My first changing bag is on order right now so that I can do loads/unloads in the daytime if needed. (I'm about to get into 4x5.)