Well, just came back. Love the Downtown Portland vibe. Wish I had a chance to drop by Blue Moon but managed to check out some of the other stores. Not having to pay tax made it very tempting to buy more than I needed!
(Pro Photo Supply, Camera World, Shutter Bug).

The train ride to the border and bus ride back were very uneventful in terms of having to take my film. On the way to the Amtrak train, we did have to have our bags scanned. I told the guard at the Xray machine that I had film and he actually told me to take it out and he scanned the rest of my stuff. No harm to film.

Bus ride back we didn't get any Xray scanning of anything but I heard they usually do.

Anyways, the main take away from this is that it's always good to have film separated and be prepared for them to swab it if they're really picky. However, my experience was pretty lenient and so my film is back in the fridge to be processed... without any xray exposure.

Didn't get too much of a chance to take street photos but I did ask people if they wouldn't mind if they took their picture. All the stores I asked were happy to let me take photographs in their stores as well. A good experience overall.