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I wonder how much it would have cost to send it just north, to Canada.

I ponder this, because sometimes there seems to be no sense to the rates.

As a case in point, I recently sent a JOBO developing tank and 1000 series reel to an APUG member in the eastern US. He only needed the reel, but it was cheaper to send it in a box big enough for the tank then it was to send it in a box just big enough for the reel.

And the cost of sending that parcel was over $10.00.
So I'm thinking you may have a "lilypad" business opportunity hiding in there somewhere, Matt! What's your address again???

I will add that the post office lady did have to spend a few minutes looking up the cost from a huge book. She also seemed unsure as to whether she was correct. "Were you prepared for that [amount]?" she asked, as if seeking confirmation from me that she wasn't wrong. With six people waiting in line behind me I wasn't going to argue a few dollars one way or the other, so I replied "Sure."

After hearing the package contained a photograph and quoting me the cost, she then asked, "Why don't you just email it?" Sigh... Without breaking eye contact I slowly picked up the box and gently shook it. I'm not sure that registed, however.