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Actually, What Stone has said in this quote is some rather hard truth. That is, in 2013, it is a pretty safe presumption that any particular woman is most likely to be overweight, as most are. And the pretty ones are so rare that they tend to be hardened of heart from the amount of attention they receive. And let photography itself from past eras lend testimony that people in general have become slovenly in attire and appearance in latter years. As for me, I never cared for photographing nudity, never sought the opportunity to do it, and wouldn't if I could. The only bone I might pick with Stone would be the photography of tattoos. A girl with a tattoo is the best cure for a Viagra overdose that I can think of.
I guess my point here is a repetition of an earlier post of mine in this thread. My kingdom for a time machine.
What an utter load of absolute tosh - and we wonder why so many women have image issues.