There are very few options that fill all your requirements. If you accept modern options, I suggest the Fuji folders. My GS645 has a modern multicoated Planar, coupled RF, averaging meter, etc. It's great for travelling, that plus an Olympus XA covers normal and wide and they're tiny. They are not the most reliable things in the world, my first one would trip the shutter when folding up sometimes and it eventually had to be replaced. I got a warranty and highly recommend it. They are also fragile and cannot be forced, you MUST advance the film and reset the lens to infinity before the camera can be safely closed. The negative is only 6x4.5, but the cost is significantly less than the GF670 (I paid $375 for mine).

If you've got big bucks, there's the GF670, which gets you all the way up to 6x7, there's the Plaubel Makina, same, or the Mamiya 6 (not Six) has a collapsible lens.

If you're thinking vintage, Super Ikontas or a high end Voigtlander would be my recommendations. There's also TLRs, which are just a bit bigger. Love my Rolleiflex!