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So I'm thinking you may have a "lilypad" business opportunity hiding in there somewhere, Matt! What's your address again???

I will add that the post office lady did have to spend a few minutes looking up the cost from a huge book. She also seemed unsure as to whether she was correct. "Were you prepared for that [amount]?" she asked, as if seeking confirmation from me that she wasn't wrong. With six people waiting in line behind me I wasn't going to argue a few dollars one way or the other, so I replied "Sure."

After hearing the package contained a photograph and quoting me the cost, she then asked, "Why don't you just email it?" Sigh... Without breaking eye contact I slowly picked up the box and gently shook it. I'm not sure that registed, however.

If you really want to use up a frustrating amount of time, get a scale that will work for postal purposes (I use a digital kitchen scale) and then work your way through the options for parcels on Canada Post's website.

The good thing is that you can use that site to pay for the shipping and print the prepaid label and customs documentation from your computer, and if you pay for the more expensive options, they will come to you to pick up the parcel. Also, if you receive payment by PayPal for an eBay sale that you issued a PayPal invoice for, you can purchase the shipping through a Portal that originates there, and get access to special, discounted shipping options.

Now, after that aside, back to the matter at hand.

I'll join up again for this round.

I'll send you a PM with my address Eugene, although it is unchanged from the one I use for the Postcard Exchange.