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I knew someone would come up with an exception to my attempt to simplify the answer.

As long as the ink is put down by an inkjet printer, I would think Bromoil will meet the criteria.
Bromoil printing doesn't involve any inkjet printing: you're the printer yourself! It is a very old printing process, wherein the silver in the image is replaced by ink. The Bromoil printing process was invented in 1907 be Englishman C. Welbourne Piper on a suggestion from E.J. Wall.

In short: print an image (conventional B&W print on a fibre based bromide paper from a negative), bleach, keep paper wet while stamping ink (any colour(s) you choose) on it with a special brush.
See: Making a Bromoil print for a better description.

It's one of my favorite alt-photo processes.