Chris emailed me some technical notes when he had the camera apart, which I can send to the buyer. Everything functions perfectly, at least as good as new.

This is in fantastic condition. Rangefinder/viewfinder is clear and contrasty; focus is smooth. Comes with orignal leather case in good shape. Everything works just as it should, no surprises.

I have run one roll of film through it since it was CLA'd by Chris (

I have been conflicted about selling it because it is such a lovely camera and takes extremely sharp photos, and it's small and robust ... but I have other cameras, which I (apparently) prefer to use. Because I never reach for this one.

The only thing missing from this kit is the 80mm front element. It has a Xenon f2 and the Curtar 35/5.6 front element. Both are in excellent condition. It also comes with the accessory viewfinder that works for 35 or 80, in perfect shape, in original leather case.

Also included is the elusive bayonet sun shade and the extension for the sun shade for use with the 80mm front element, both in original boxes; a yellow filter in its original case and box; a b+w 85c filter; and a flash that reads "Made in Germany," which I'm not sure how to use.

All this can be yours for $210 paypal and shipped in the Conus. International buyers send me a message about shipping.

I will be posting a few more items in separate threads, trying to clear out what I don't use.



Here are a couple sample photos. I believe this was Ektar 100, and it was processed at Walgreens.

At f5.6

wide open